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Valuable tips for designing large graphics

impressive exhibition stands have one thing in common: Stunning graphics that dominate the exhibition stand design. Thanks to large-format printers that can create graphics on practically any material, larger-than-life graphics as exhibition stand ideas are now possible with almost no problems.

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Whether you're designing graphics for a banner stand, a fabric exhibit, or a hanging display, large format trade show graphics are in a league of their own when it comes to trading show booth design. Because the typical rules and guidelines for designing standard graphics don't necessarily apply when preparing files for large format printing. You might be interested in Exhibition Stand Dubai.

We have some tips to help you get the best result for your large format graphic design at your creative exhibition stand.


Illustrator can create vector-based images that can be scaled without losing quality. You can also include raster-based images from Photoshop. Files created in Illustrator are typically smaller than files created in Photoshop. Smaller files are easier to transfer and print during the design process. This makes Illustrator ideal for creating and creating large format graphics as ideal trade show booth ideas. Know more about Exhibition Stand Design.

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Photoshop is strictly raster based and mostly used for photo/image editing. Because images are made up of pixels, raster graphics are scaled down without sacrificing quality. However, enlargements lead to pixelation. When using Photoshop, make sure your images are of high resolution to match the large print area. If you create design elements like shapes or color blocks, Illustrator is the perfect solution. To get a better picture of it. Should you get some exhibition stands examples look at them. Learn more about Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

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If your designer often creates brochures for your business, chances are they use InDesign which is a program best suited for printing for page layout and is not recommended for large format printing. Use Illustrator instead, which offers the same options for more precise formatting.

  • File preparation for large format graphics
  • Follow these tips to get your files ready for the printer.
  • Best File Type: Vector Files (.EPS)

As recommended in the program breakdown, vector files created with Illustrator are the best format for large graphics. An. EPS vector file works by mathematical standards and is completely resolution independent. Because of this, it can be drastically increased.

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Working with bitmap files

Not all images and graphics can be vectorized. Sometimes you need to import pixel or raster-based graphics from Photoshop into your designs. If you do this, you need to consider the right dpi to avoid this loss of quality.

Viewing distance is important when using a bitmap. Details in graphics are not as obvious when viewed from 2-3 meters. A lower PPI (100 PPI) can also be sufficient. While you can get by with lower resolutions on large banners hanging far away, having a PPI in the 100-300 range is ideal to ensure it looks sharp from any distance. Note that higher dpi resolutions can result in very large file sizes.

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Use Pantone for perfect colors

If you want to combine your large format graphics with other graphics, your logo or promotional items, Pantone colors are helpful. CMYK and RGB color models are the default options for printing. While the RGB color model offers some advantages, including a wider range of colors and typically smaller file sizes, CMYK is the model commonly used by printers. This means that using CMYK will result in a more accurate color representation of your graphics.

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Be careful with fonts and theme features

Not all design elements that lend themselves to small-scale design will translate well to large-scale. Large-scale graphics are unique in that they are viewed from both a distance and up close. You need to create images and designs that are easily visible from different distances.

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Keep images and text well separated

Use easy-to-read fonts. Employ high-contrast colors between backgrounds and overlay images or text to maintain visibility. Don't focus too much on details. 

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Print small test copies

Large area printing is expensive and requires a lot of time and preparation. Usually, you only have one chance to print it and see it in full size. Luckily, you can still get an idea of ​​what the whole graphic will look like by printing out a small test copy on 11'' x 17'' paper. In this view, you can verify that everything is aligned correctly and that themes and fonts work as a whole.

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Hire a design expert

Don't forget that you should always contact an exhibition designer for help creating trade show graphics. The designer will walk you through the process step by step. 

Valuable tips for designing large graphics

impressive exhibition stands have one thing in common: Stunning graphics that dominate the exhibition stand design. Thanks to large-format p...